EDITOR: For all of you diehard environmentalists the following scientific proof about the pros and cons of dredging for gold through extensive research can be found at these Websites All of the information that is stated is backed by government and Suction dredging is a popular form of recovering gold from the numerous placer streams in Alaska Various sizes of suction dredges are used varying from those recreational models with a small 1 inch intake hose to large heavy dredges with 8 inch and 10 inch intake hoses driven by powerful engines and capable of processing large amounts of material in a single day


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27-4-2014Gold Dredging in Australia is totally illegal If you are caught dredging our waterways there are hefty fines as well as your gear being confiscated not only that but you'll be doing a huge injustice to ALL Australian prospectors in general Cheers Nugget

21-5-2015Anybody here have a gold dredge? Or work a gold dredge? I am thinking of buying a used dredge and dredging on the Arkansas river I am a certified diver I have never dove AND used a dredge at the same time Anything advice would be welcome I would also consider a partner as I am looking at buying some land that is workable Feel free to comment

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30-11-2019There are many knowledgeable people on this forum however I recommend you get your answers from the governing authority Many streams are closed to dredging for certain times during the year in specific areas In some areas dredging is not allowed at all Then you must verify whether the area is claimed or private property

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18-10-2019this exsisting without dredging is NO fun ! I keep watching these gold show's and thinking IF I'd ever win the lottery I'd like to buy /rent a house boat and buy me one of the monster dredge Keene has been advertising and run it up the ole Misery River during the low depth's of Fall and early Winter

As seen on every major network including Fox News CNN MSNBC Discovery and History Channels Tokyo TV CBS and read about in the New York Times The San Francisco Chronicle the Shock Family has some of the most experienced and knowledgeable prospectors in all of Gold

Ohio State Prospectors Association Welcome To The OSPA Gold panning highbanking dredging sluicing metal detecting rock hounding gem grubbing or fossil hunting Discussions about all of these outdoor activities in the Buckeye State can be found on our forum

We have several outings per year for gold prospecting and metal detecting Our club caters to new and experienced prospectors alike Helping each other learn and using new equipment that you may not have access to Whether you like panning sluicing hi-banking dredging or detecting this is the best money you will ever spend on your hobby

One major problem associated with all gold dredges over the years has been the far too frequent rock jams in the dredge hose particularly at the power jet On conventional dredge designs the steel power jet slips inside the hose creating a restriction and many plugs in the process

12-2-2013Gold/Panning/Gold dredging by cjcoplin Feb 11th 2013 10:34 pm Hey folks starting a thread in regards to gold panning here in the Okanagan thinking of buying a sluice box trash pump etc If anyone has suggestions on how they made one or even would be willing to invite me out to see how they do it

Proline Gold Dredges - Gold suction dredges built by miners for miners Power Sluices - Highbanker/Dredge combos Pumps - Water pumps for powering suction dredges and other mining uses Hookah Diving - Information on the diving system used on many suction gold dredges Suction Dredging Permits - Rules and permits for suction dredging in Alaska

1-5-2020Is this because of the PSI? The HydroForce Nozzles require 40psi I then realized that some of the Trash Pumps only have 38psi I wish you had a link under the pump section on all of your Highbankers of the recommended Pump that will work for dredging also with your Highbankers What is the difference between a clear water pump and a trash pump?

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Almost all gold panning in the UK takes place in North Wales and Scotland If you want to take up panning and you live in the south east of England (for example) you will need to have a lot of free time and be prepared to do a lot of driving or alternatively take up back garden gold panning it's less travel less hassle and will give you a greater chance of actually finding some gold

The Gold Miner's Headquarters is the Internet's largest information center for the recreational and small scale gold miner / prospector The information posted on this site is from donations sent in from miners to help other gold miners Site is owned operated by Heavy Metal Mining Company Springfield Missouri

Gold dredges were used in New Zealand from the 1860s in Otago rivers like the Clutha River and the Molyneaux River and in West Coast rivers like the Grey River (where the last gold dredge worked until 2004) Today In the late 1990s and through today dredging has returned as a popular form of gold mining

4-5-20094 in south america brazil guyana those dredging companies took a lot of gold and diamonds with a small investments and just dredging Dredging equipment as you know is very expensive and techniques people are using here allow to extract enough gold and diamonds

7 Rivers in Montana that are Full of Gold! Rare Gold Nuggets March 27 2017 Gold Prospecting Recent Posts Most of the gold in Montana is found in the more mountainous western section of the state There has been mining in Montana as early as the 1850s with the peak of mining taking place during the 1860s

11-11-2019This forum is designated for any discussion or debates about Prospecting or Nuggethunting for Gold Methods such as Dredging Drywashing Sluicing Panning and surely Electronic Prospecting are welcome here Hope to see you contributing soon!

gold claims mining properties maps gold prospecting gold dredging Dave McCracken gold prospecting adventure how to find gold legal affairs miners rights dave mack prospecting newsletter California Dredging Moratorium gold mining in Oregon members stories about the new 49ers subscription video week-long group projects happy camp california metal

Prospecting for Gold in the United States One of the chief dredging areas is in the Boise Basin Deposits in these districts generally are gold-quartz lodes Prospecting for lode deposits of gold is not the relatively simple task it once was because most outcrops or exposures of mineralized rock have been examined and sampled